Avast Mobile Security Pro APK Latest Version for Android OS

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK
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Avast Mobile Security Pro is a free application which protects your phone against viruses and other malware.  This is the world’s most famous and useful Antivirus application for Android Smartphones and tablets. If you install any of the malware or infected app on your phone which is harmful to your phone so the Avast mobile security will inform you at the same time. With the help of this Antivirus Application, you can easily find out all the infected files and adware applications that are installed on your phone.  Secure your mobile from the phishing attack which steal your phone security or your personal information EG: Email, Passwords, and all other important data which is stored on your phone.

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK has More than 10 million active users all around the world and high rated Antivirus application for Android phones. With this new version, the developers include the vault which helps you to protect your images and photos with a pin lock or password. 

After the move the images to the vault they are encrypted and hidden from your phone storage. Power save reduces your phone’s battery timing. The app cleaner will help you to find all the useless background processes and kill them so your phone performance will be good.  If you any kind of problem during the use of this application so the Client support will there any time for you.

If anyone tries to stole your phone or change the sim card so the Anti-thief feature automatically lock your phone and captures the image of the thief and sends it to your mail. You can simply use the app lock to protect your applications which are installed on your phone. You can set a pin or a password to your apps so without out you. Another person can unable to use those apps. In Avast Mobile Security Pro you don`t face any ads because the developers remove all the useless advertises from their apps.

Features of Avast Mobile Security Pro

  • The Virus scanner automatically scans the effected files and Trojans on the first use of this application.
  • You can also manually scan all your phone storage using its malware detector.
  • Keep your privacy and add the unknown numbers to the blacklist so you can`t get the calls from unknown callers.
  • Scan and block all links and Trojans which are infected or harmful for your device.
  • The application also uses your device administrator so you can easily wipe your phone form their online support website.
  • The app uses the accessibility permission and protect your phone from the pissing attracts.
  • Simple and clean users interface you all the users easily manage this application on their phones.

These are some of the main and unique features of Avast Mobile Security pro. If you wish to get all the features of this application just download it on your phone and install it to get all the features of this application.

Avast Mobile Security Pro APK

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