Review and Military Units in Crystal of Reunion

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Crystal of Reunion a real-time strategy game has gained the audience due to its interesting and breathtaking experience that the game has and now it has been launched for mobile and smartphone devices as well. Here we will try to summarize our discussion and will wrap up in short point the important areas of the game.

  • The game is a real-time strategy game and is a Japanese Gacha game. All you have to build your empire and fight your enemies alone or in collaboration with your allies.
  • Game is unlike any other real-time game based on anime characters with a completely unique and yet interesting storyline, where you are the king of an empire and what makes you king is a core ring. Core ring is the key to mother crystal which is full of the wisdom of the gods.
  • Mother crystal is located at the very center of your empire, your kingdom is protected by the boundary wall which protects your kingdom from any possible misadventure from the enemies.
  • Throughout the course of the game, you will be accompanied by the numbers of helpers, firstly you will come across LULU and NANA the two sisters whom you will meet outside and they will welcome you and introduce you to your Kingdom.
  • Afterward, you will have to choose a Hero for you there are six heroes in the beginning and later in the game, you will find others. A hero is a companion who will undauntedly support you and guide you past the difficulties. Heroes have special weapons of their own and they are the ones to wipe out all the monsters in the game for you and by doing it so Hero gains EXP and promotes to a new level. Heroes can be equipped with cards that give them the special ability and make them stronger enough to tackle stronger enemies and monsters.
  • There are several units in the game, units are categorized in the game as building units which include barrack, castle, a goddess statue, blacksmith, watchtower and many others. Each of them has different jobs and help in different areas that are necessary to run and sustain an empire.
  • Talking about the military which is an integral part of the Barrack. It includes Spearman, Archer, Cavalryman, and Artilleryman. They can be upgraded gradually by completing missions to the levels of Elite, Royal and Magic Units.
  • Players can play alone or along with the rest of the players which can be approached by the in-game mailing and chatting system, combine your powers or share with each other to face your enemies and lead your empire towards prosperity.

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