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In the past, while Calculating and storing treasure of Data Some errors founded in the Shape of Virus that was considered as a disease as compared to the human. These viruses were the enemies of data, Stored in computers, Corrupted the files and then the rid of this Disease founded and Antivirus was developed to protect and Secure data from the virus. From that software some were merely for the name, to tell the truth, it couldn’t protect even any single file but the Avast Antivirus was reliably developed.

Avast is a Security software uses to protect data from virus and developed for MS-Microsoft, Mac OS,(Operating System) Android and IOS in the month of April 1988  at Prague Czechia. The Avast Antivirus Furnishes free Access and the proprietary version that provides computer security and browser security among other Services. Its provision depends on scanning the files and detect the malevolent program to remove.

In the year 2017 Avast was a best-Selling product in the market that kept other Anti-Theft software back. Download free Avast Antivirus 2019, make your PC, laptop and mobile phones virus free and play game GTA 5 APK.


There are in a huge count of features of Avast Antivirus included Email Server Security, File Server Security, Security Suite for Linux, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Content filtering, Secure Web Gateway and Few are described as under;

  • Ransomware Shield now available in up-to-date version secure personal data including Photos, Videos, Files and documents for being switched, deleted or encoded by Ransom attacks and enabled to access its features of scanning, securing and allows you to protect the folders of unbelievable applications as well as Block them, is by default.
  • Sensitive Data Shield is enabled by default to profit its characteristics of protecting the sensitive documents against unlicensed access and malware. Any of the files contains personal information and seemed as sensitive, can be agreed for your privacy and identity.
  • Do Not Disturb is the latest feature put into Avast Antivirus uses to silent the unnecessary notifications while fully displayed of any other application. It manually detects the software and permits you the selection of applications. The boost performance installed in it and undaultly enable to access it.
  • Webcam Shield is a new feature that’s work is to stop the application from capturing the pictures from untrusted applications. It cannot be accessed without your agreement to allow Webcam Shield and tasks are by default enabled to be performed.


The tools are hand and foot installed in Avast are listed;

  • Scan all the data and information of Computers and detect the malevolent program, if found removes it.
  • Protection: Protect the media from having a virus, when any virus is detected notify you to act upon it.
  • Performance: The Speed and the data fluency of performance keep maintained.
  • Password: Keep your personal and sensitive data safe in the secured folder, hidden and coded.
  • Data Shredder: Totally delete the files from PC as no one can reaccess or recover them back.
  • Clean up: Take away exuberant and unused files that declare your PC.
  • SecureLine VPN: Protect all the communication resources over the WIFI network.
  • Remote Assistance: Through this, you are able to connect with another Avast user not nearby.
  • Firewall: secure your Computer from hacking

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