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Regarding the recent events of Twitch streamers getting Copyright striked for playing unlicensed music on their streams, a lot of live streamers are now looking for to play on their Twitch channel while broadcasting. But what music is really safe to play on your stream?

The term “Copyright free” is misleading

Let us first point out that the term “Copyright-free” music is very misleading. Almost all music is always Copyrighted – unless they are in the “Public domain”, which is incredibly rare, or century-old music, such as Beethoven or Mozart.

When searching for safe music to use on your stream, you will most likely stumble across the term “Copyright-free” or “Non-Copyrighted” music. Since almost all music is Copyrighted, these terms simply refer to that the Copyright holder has issued a license that allows the use of their music while live streaming on Twitch or Mixer and/or be part of YouTube videos, without the fear of receiving a “Copyright claim”, which may lead to “strikes” on your Twitch or YouTube channel. With other words, they are giving us permission to use their Copyrighted music in these specific situations.

The requirement to play their music

However, most Copyright holders usually have certain conditions to allow others to use their music. For example, you might need to give “attribution” (as in to give appropriate credit) back to holder in form of a text or mentions, or you might need to purchase the music so it becomes ‘”Royalty-free”, meaning you may use it in your own content, as many times as you, want without giving attribution.

So the discussion is not really about whether you are allowed to play or use “Copyrighted music” or not in your stream or in your YouTube video, but whether you have permission from the Copyright holder to do it, and under what conditions. It’s really that simple.

Our tip for a good source for music for your stream

As we said, most music providers require you to open up your wallet and pay, or have convoluted licenses that forces you to attribute each song with the name and the artist each time it’s played on stream.

However, there are certain music providers that simply think streamers should focus on their content and not worry if the current music being played will end their livelihood. STREAMSAFE MUSIC is such an example.

They have hours of Royalty-Free music, in multiple genres, to streamers and live content creators, and you can simply stream their music without paying, giving attribution and without the fear of being Copyright claimed or muted.

You can find their music here:

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