Top 3 Guns for Best Headshot in Free Fire

best free fire guns
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Headshot in Free Fire: Free Fire is a game of Dedication and skills and if you are willing to become professional or just want to improve at the game, then you must have good knowledge on how to land amazing Headshot in Free Fire, As by headshot you can instantly kill any target with just one bullet and it takes a lot of practice, accuracy and loads of other things to be good at Hitting headshots. You can also Play free fire pc click this link to enjoy on your pc.

best free fire guns

How to Get good at aiming for Headshots

You need to follow some basic steps in order to be good at hitting the perfect headshots and improving your gameplay and those are:

  • Use your preferred and desired settings:- If you want to hit Headshots you will have to optimize your gameplay and your graphics settings so that you can achieve the maximum fps (frames per second) while playing the game.
  • Choose the perfect weapons:- You also need to keep in mind that while playing the game you have choose the right set of weapons that will help you in achieving headshots such as Assault Rifles and Sniper rifle and not any short-range gun.
  • And getting a scope that is good: A scope such as 4 times or 8 times zoom scope can help very well in having good headshots as a player.

now let’s talk about the guns which we think are the best for hitting headshots:

Best Guns for hitting Headshot in Free Fire

1. AK 47

AK 47

Ak 47 is a legendary weapon in a most battle royale as well as Fps games as this gun does require some basic skill set but once a player has decent practice with it, they can easily one tap enemies as you can kill people with just one bullet of an assault rifle with the use of AK 47 if you learn how to properly use one tap you will clear cut be a god of a headshot in the free fire.

2.AWM Sniper Rifle

AWM Sniper Rifle

A Sniper rifle makes it a bit easier for a player to spam a headshot as you can just simply zoom in and target for enemy’s head but while using a sniper if you even hit the person on the body it will deal a high amount of damage and thus using a sniper is a very good option as this gun is easy to use and has loads of benefits and very high and powerful contact damage in comparison to other guns.

3.Grorza Assault Rifle

Grorza Assault Rifle

Grorza is an amazing Ammo assault rifle that is mostly found in drops in the free fire game and this gun is very famous for its accuracy and players can enjoy hitting headshots with this gun as it has a very basic recoil and using this gun is very simple in both cases – If you love to play tap or if you love to spray your gun. Grorza has amazing performance and it is the best gun to hit Headshot in Free Fire as this gun has tonnes of accuracy and an ammo pool of 30 bullets.

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